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What is the most effective RF microneedling device?

If you're looking for a gold-standard RF microneedling device, SecretRF By Cutera should be your go-to treatment for many reasons. First, the system is FDA-approved and clinically proven effective in improving the appearance of skin quality, texture and brightness.  

Traditional microneedling is only able to interact with the top layer of your skin, which is why its effects aren't as potent as Secret RF microneedling. Secret RF microneedling benefits you by penetrating deeper into the dermis, where it can directly interact with your body's collagen and elastin. 

It's your Secret to younger-looking skin. Secret by Cutera is the highly customizable, multi-award-winning RF microneedling treatment everyone is talking about! Secret is helping thousands of patients across the globe tackle their anti-aging and skin health concerns by using a unique technology designed to work in natural synergy with your skin to lift, tighten and revitalize from the inside out! 

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