James Craigie, M.D.

 Dr. James Craigie M.D.

Some of Dr. James Craigie’s earliest memories are of afternoons spent at hospitals with his father, a general surgeon at the time. “I liked to go with him on-call and see the things that he did,” Dr. Craigie says.

Today, Dr. Craigie is an accomplished surgeon himself, conducting approximately 100 breast reconstruction surgeries each year, along with a wide range of body contouring procedures and cosmetic breast surgeries that are part of the process of breast reconstruction.“As plastic surgeons, we use techniques that are often cosmetic in nature but included as part of the reconstructive process. My main goal is to help people,” he says.

Dr. Craigie's ultimate goal is to bring state-of-the-art techniques and the best possible results to patients within his reach. Before joining East Cooper, Dr. Craigie completed advanced training in micro-vascular breast reconstruction in New Orleans with Dr. Robert Allen. He is one of a limited number of doctors who perform this specialized surgery, considered the “gold standard” in breast reconstruction techniques. “To do this complicated surgery, you have to have extensive training and a strong commitment.” Dr. Craigie says. “We saw a real need for this procedure, that many women could be helped.”

Education: M.D. Medical University of South Carolina: B.S. Erskine College

Residencies: Medical University of South Carolina; Fellowship.Louisiana State University Medical Center

Specialties: Muscle sparing Breast reconstruction with the patient’s own fatty tissue

Certification: American Board of Plastic Surgery

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