Would insurance cover reconstruction of tubular breasts?

I wish I could give you a definitive answer. The only way to be sure if your insurance would cover correction of the deformity would be to submit a request for pre-determination to your insurance company. If they consider it a congenital deformity qualified for coverage under their breast reconstruction surgery medical coverage policy, there might very well be benefits available.  If not, your selected surgeon should be able to give you a quote at the time of your visit of the cost of correction and discuss available options for payment or financing.

My suggestion would be to have a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction and have them submit your medical history, surgical plan, and photos to determine coverage.

Hope that information is useful – please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have – we’re always happy to help! – Best, Gail

Gail Lanter, CPC

Practice Manager

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